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New UVPackmaster tradition - new release comes with a new tutorial!

Dear users!

We are proud to announce a new update for UVPackmaster 3 for Blender. Of course you get this update for free, if you already purchased UVPackmaster 3 - you can download the latest version of the packer from your library on Gumroad. At the very end of this message we are also including upgrade instructions for the UVPM 1 and UVPM 2 users.

Also read below for info regarding the new tutorial :)

Release 3.1.1

General improvements

  • Split Overlapping Islands operation can now order islands according to Align Priority values assigned to them. That is why the Split Overlapping Islands and Undo Island Split buttons were moved in this release from the Auxiliary Operations panel to the Aligning Tools mode (see the picture below). For a presentation of the feature watch this part of the tutorial.

  • New parameter for island stacking Match 3D Axis: when aligning, accept only those UV island orientations which result in the same mapping (texture) direction along the given axis in the 3D space. For a presentation of the new parameter and important details regarding its usage watch this part of the tutorial.

  • New parameter Flipping Enable: allow the packer to flip islands when performing the operation (flipping means scaling by a negative value over one axis). The parameter can be used during packing as well as aligning (stacking) islands.
  • New general parameters allowing to control font sizes for the packer output:

  • Improvements to the topology analysis algorithm: invalid topology errors are now less common in the new release.

New tutorial

It looks like we started a new UVPackmaster tradition: together with a new release, we publish a new tutorial covering miscellaneous plugin functionalities. The new tutorial presents all UV aligning (stacking) features of the packer, some of which are pretty sophisticated. As usual the tutorial was created by magnificent Markom3D!


Upgrading from an old version of UVPackmaster (1 or 2)

Since the beginning of the project, one of the main rules we follow is that the user doesn’t have to pay twice for the same thing. It means that when you want to make an upgrade to a more expensive license, you only need to pay the difference between the new license price and the price you originally paid.

In order to get a discount code for UVPackmaster 3 on Gumroad, write to us directly at Make sure you write to us from the actual email address you used to purchase a previous version of UVPackmaster (otherwise the code won't be generated).

Also keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for our system to send the code back to you. If you don’t see the message in your inbox, check also your spam folder (discount code messages are sometimes classified as spam).

Thank you for your support!

UVPackmaster team

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