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UVPackmaster 3 update - Linux support and new features!

Dear UVPackmaster users!

We've just released an update for UVPackmaster 3 introducing a lot of useful improvements.

Of course you get this update for free, if you already purchased UVPM 3 :) At the very end of this message we are also including upgrade instructions for the UVPM 1 and UVPM 2 users.

Continue reading to learn more about all improvements introduced into the latest version.

Release 3.0.6

General improvements

  • Linux support. For more info regarding Linux-specific requirements visit the documentation
  • New packing mode: Groups Independently - useful when you want to process many UVs in a batch. Read this page to learn more
  • New parameter in the Pixel Margin subpanel: Extra Margin To Others - specifies an additional pixel margin between islands being packed and the other islands:

    Using the Extra Margin To Others to increase the distance between selected and unselected islands

  • Implement the operation to select/deselect all islands in the custom target box:

    You can easily select/deselect all UV islands inside the custom target box

  • New addon general option: Box Border Width - determines the width of box borders rendered in the UV editor during the operation.
  • New addon general option: Append Mode To Operator Name - use this option when adding a UVPackmaster operator to Quick Favorites - the selected mode will be appended to the operator name on the Quick Favorites list in Blender:

    The mode name appended to operator name

  • You will find the general addon options when you expand the engine status panel (the top-most panel):

    General options in the addon status panel

Improvements for the Groups To Tiles mode

  • Ability to override selected global options for particular groups when using a grouping scheme (manual grouping):

    You can now override selected options on a per-group basis

  • New automatic group layout modes: AUTOMATIC (VERTICAL), AUTOMATIC (HORIZONTAL). Visit this page for a visual presentation of the new modes.
  • New parameter Tile Count Per Group - specify tile count per group when using an automatic grouping method.

Bug fixing

  • Fix for a bug when using Fixed Scale in the Groups To Tiles mode.
  • Fix for disabling particular packing devices in the addon preferences.


Upgrading from an old version of UVPackmaster (1 or 2)

Since the beginning of the project, one of the main rules we follow is that the user doesn’t have to pay twice for the same thing. It means that when you want to make an upgrade to a more expensive license, you only need to pay the difference between the new license price and the price you originally paid.

In order to get a discount code for UVPackmaster 3 on Gumroad, write to us directly at Make sure you write to us from the actual email address you used to purchase a previous version of UVPackmaster (otherwise the code won't be generated).

Also keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for our system to send the code back to you. If you don’t see the message in your inbox, check also your spam folder (discount code messages are sometimes classified as spam).

If you are still wondering whether it is worth upgrading to UVPackmaster 3, we recommend you to watch the video.

New UVPackmaster tradition - new release comes with a new tutorial!

UVPackmaster 3 video tutorial and new update: Mac support, drastic optimizations for heavy UV maps and other features!

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