UVPackmaster 2 for 3ds Max

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UVPackmaster 2 is an efficient and fully-featured UV packing engine available as a plugin for 3ds Max. It is probably the most efficient UV packer out there in terms of packing on CPU but it also provides a Cuda accelerated variant of the algorithm. When running on a GPU it significantly outperforms all other packers available.

Note that UVPackmaster doesn’t only mean high performance – it also provides a lot of sophisticated features greatly simplifying your UV packing workflow.

The plugin for 3ds Max provides all core features of UVPackmaster 2 engine PRO edition:

  • efficient UV packing algorithm
  • UV islands area measurement
  • overlapping UV islands detection
  • heuristic search algorithm
  • packing for a non-square texture
  • add new UV islands into an existing packing
  • accurate pixel margin calculation
  • overlapping UV islands lock
  • grouping UV islands
  • UDIM support
  • advanced heuristic algorithm
  • packing on GPU
  • heuristic search on all devices simultaneously (CPU and all GPUs)

Supported 3ds Max versions

UVPackmaster 2 supports all 3ds Max versions from 2022 to 2025.

Free updates

By purchasing the UVPackmaster plugin for 3ds Max you get a lifetime license to use it. You also get access to all future updates of the plugin for free. We continuously work to improve the plugin and you can expect a lot of great updates in the future.

E-mail newsletter

We strongly advise you to agree on receiving updates by email, when purchasing UVPackmaster. Why? We do not include any advertising in our e-mails, we only send newsletters to inform users about recent UVPackmaster updates. We do it on a very rare basis, less often than once a month. Keep in mind that UVPackmaster is a very actively developed tool (just take a look at the release notes) - by agreeing on updates you will make sure that you won't miss any upcoming release.


Watch a video showing plugin capabilities:

Plugin interface:

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UVPackmaster 2 for 3ds Max

51 ratings
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